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Hello,i currently have a radeon hd 4850 and am looking to upgrade. The two cards i am thinking about are the 5770 and the 5850. What is the better deal.

I have: ASUS P5Q- radeon hd 4850-Intel core duo 3.0GHz and a 750 watt powersupply
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  1. The 5770 costs a little over half the price of a 5850, and performs a little over half the performance of a 5850, so they're pretty well matched to their price points. However, it will be harder to upgrade to crossfire 5770s than if you bought a 5850 in the first place. If you have the money, 5850 ftw.
  2. Whats your monitor resolution? If you are at 1920x1080 or above and can afford a 5850 it would give you a pretty big boost.
  3. my monitor is 1680x 1050. What about the 5830? would it be a better deal?
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    Roflspanker said:
    my monitor is 1680x 1050. What about the 5830? would it be a better deal?

    The 5830 is not a good deal at it's current price point. If you get a 5830, you'll just wish you got a 5850 down the line, it simply destroys the 5830 in every benchmark, and a 5850 isn't much more expensive at all. And, if / when you do get the upgrade bug, a 5850 is simply unreal performance-wise in crossfire. For your monitor resolution, no, you don't "need" more than a 5770, but if you get a 5850 you are very effectively future-proofing yourself when you upgrade your monitor.
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  6. This is the only HD5830 that is priced right based on performance $199 after MIR. Going from a HD4850 to a HD5770 is not a very noticeable upgrade so a HD5850 is a better choice unless you want to go for the HD5830 which should be a noticeable upgrade.
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