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Hi there,

I have a stock i7 930 with v6gt. My temps are 46 to 49 degrees just surfing are these normal? My idle temp is 40 completely on stand by.
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  1. Where do you live? Ambient temperatures can affect the temps of your components. Also, what TIM (thermal paste) are you using? You could also try reapplying or reinstalling the heatsink. The V6GT is a pretty high-end cooler, and those temps are high for just surfing the web.
  2. Which case and thermal paste are you using, and which ambient the above poster said. Personally, i'd say 40 is quite high for idle and 46-49 from just browsing is also quite high, for an i7, web browsing is its basically idle i'd say.
  3. yes i find it high too. I think there is something wrong with my install. I kinda forced its. One of the heat pipes are hitting the heatsink of the mobo. I am using a gigabyte ga x58a ud3r. I can still twist the cooler. does that mean its still loose? I am afraid I might break the cpu if i still screw it harder.
  4. im using the thermal paste that went with the v6gt
  5. I would use something like AS5 or something thats known and famous for being good quality. It can make a difference.
  6. The heatpipes should NOT be touching the mobo. Since it is an Intel mobo, you can turn the heatsink around to another direction. You should probably reinstall the heatsink, and EVENLY apply a new thermal grease layer. (Put a small amount in the middle, and spread it out evenly with a razor or credit card)
  7. it does fit when its side ways. can i actually do that?
  8. the users manual says the right fan will suck air to the fins and the left fan will exhaust it to the rears case fan is that right? since my fan does not fit that well can i install it upwards? the vacuum will be place below and the exhaust will be placed on top. so its like installing it horizon tally? with this config the heat pipes won't be hitting any mobo heatsink.
  9. Yes, that will work. But does your case has top exhaust fan holes? If not, that could be a problem. But installing the heatsink by not touching the mobo heatsink should be a top priority.
  10. i hav a cm 922 yes it does have a 200mm fan on top. but wouldnt it vaccum the hat coming from my 5850s?
  11. No, not really since the heat from your GPU's would be whisked away sdieways and outside by their own heatsinks and fans.
  12. Okay I'll try it and see if there are improvements
  13. okay switched side ways

    my temps are now 39 37 38 but prob is the nearest memory slot is now blocked.
  14. I have a similar issue, i cannot install memory in the slot, only if i take out the CPU Cooler first (i have a Fenir Titan CPU Cooler) 6GB is more than enough RAM for pretty much anything.

    Just use the other slots and you should be fine
  15. Thats what you get when you buy a monster sized cooler :) You can just use other slots I think.
  16. Well, its nice to hear that your temps have dropped. But are you using all of your RAM slots? If not, you can use the 3.
  17. This is just so sad that I cant use my v6 that well.
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