Gaming pc (August ) less than <$850 And MUST BE FUTURE PROOF......

i want to build a new pc which is for hd 1080 gaming.....
* intel i5 750
* asus p7p55D-E
* Ram 4Gb (2Gbx2)@ 1600
* Vga 5770 ati radeon
* 500w power supply
* cpu cooler = scythe mugen 2

planning to over clock to 3.8
and to do crossfire next year....

This is my first built,,,i would like, you to analysis and tell YOUR recommendations... and i am confuses with the new intel processor which will be coming soon...

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  1. What do you mean with future proof?
  2. Well to 'future proof it i would suggest u get any one of the following Mboards given in the link as the P7p55d/ p7p55d le have sli/crossfire support but on at 4x,4x. The boards given in this site have a 8x,8x PCI-E config.

    Also get a 600w psu as if u wanna crossfire the 5770 u'll need 600w psu and if u wanna get a good gpu later mybe
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    8/8CF + USB 3.0 + SATA 6GB/s @ $750AR?
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