Can't load fresh Windows 7 install from new SSD

Hello! New to the forum, got a problem with my Sony VAIO. I bought the Samsung 830 256Gb SSD to replace the stock HD as my storage, and needed to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro since I'm putting in more memory than what Windows 7 Home Basic allows. Didn't want to ghost since I just wanted a fresh install. Installed the SSD and ran setup from USB, but everytime the computer restarts it says "Operating System Not Found". I can bypass this if I tap F11 (choose OS), and continue with the install to the point where it is fully installed, but every time I boot up I have to tap F11 or it continues to tell me Operating System Not Found. In BIOS menu, it recognizes that the drive is there, it just doesn't seem to want to load it. I have changed the boot order. AHCI seems to be set correctly before setup (Msahci under RegEdit is 0). One thing that seems different from what I've read though is configuration in the BIOS menu has only either UEFI or Legacy, can't explicitly choose RAID or IDE. Any help would be appreciated.

BIOS - InsydeH20 v.R0142c5
SSD - Samsung 830, latest firmware tested with Magician
Boot Mode - UEFI (options are that or Legacy).

So ya, how do I get the system to recognize the SSD on boot, so I don't have to tell it every time.

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  1. Maybe the SSD is not activated. Start win, goto disk management and right click on the disk. If you see the "activate" option click it.
  2. I tried it, next boot I get the message "BOOTMGR missing". Some other information that may help narrow it down. I ran startup repair, and got error 0x80070003 "no OS files". When trying to install Ubuntu as a second OS, the partition creator doesn't even see the partitions of Windows 7, or the partition I created to install Ubuntu into. When trying to install Ubuntu and have it clean the disk first, it gives an error that there are corrupted GPT tables. From other posts I've read, UEFI bios and W7 on the Samsung 830 is problematic, so I'm wondering if I should just reinstall in legacy?
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