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Are these i7-950 temps okay for a Hyper 212+?

First off, I just wanted to give a big thank you to all for the advise I've received over the past months. I just got done building my first computer and it booted up no problem on first attempt, hooray! :D Guess all that hard work and research payed off ;)

My only concern was the CPU temps. Since I'm using an after market cooler (Hyper212+) I thought they'd be lower so I just want to make sure they're alright.

Took a picture of the CPU with TIM before I applied the heatsink. I also filled in the grooves on the 212+ before applying

and according to the BIOS my idle temps are ~36-37 C with my Storm Sniper fans at full speed. Are those okay for the Hyper212+ or did I mess up the application?

The only thing I MAY have done wrong was fasten one of the corner screws of the heatsink too tightly before doing the one across from it. I did let the heatsinks own weight sit on it for a moment, but was kind of rushing it since I was nervous lol afraid the TIM was applied more one-sided...

I'm waiting to hear from you guys if those temps are okay to test out the CPU at load. Thanks!

P.S. Which programs are best to use to measure temps and put the CPU on load?
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  1. For programs, I use CPUID Hardware Monitor, SpeedFan, Realtemp, Coretemp,...and Bios.

    However, I am really no expert on thermal paste application but when I applied mine, I put a dab in the middle and spread it evenly with my finger. Not sure if that way is better or worse, other people will say :). However 36-37 seem pretty fine, a little on the high side for me, but overall fine, a lot depends on your ambient temperature in your home and what type of thermal paste you used...a good thermal paste vs a generic can make quite the difference.
  2. Yea I did a lot of research before applying the paste lol To me that seemed like the scariest part of the build.

    Tuniq TX-2 (best bang for buck paste), filled in the HDT, and made a vertical line on the CPU as you can see in the pic (which is where the cores are). Also lined up the copper pipe along the cores for rear exhaust setup. Basically every step your supposed to do lol

    But yea, the temps seemed a bit higher then what I expected, but its quite hot here in MI atm and even hotter in my room so that prolly explains it. I've been told to try intel burn test out to see what its like at load, gonna give that a shot ;)

    Thanks, I'll post the results in a little bit!
  3. Well hot is relative me 60F might be hot and to you it might be cold. So if you could tell me your ambient temp, it could do a lot of explaining.
  4. Those aren't bad temps, especially for a fresh install. If anything you may have a little excess paste, however not much (and not enough to cause issue I'd think). Try IBT, but keep an eye on temps and fan speeds with a program like HWMonitor. Always go with the highest reported CPU/Core temp to be safe. If you start getting up into the 70-80C range, I'd probably stop.
  5. Doh lol sry :P Well weather channel says 63 F ( 17 C ) so it is on the chillier side outside atm. But my room is upstairs and I don't have a thermometer so lol

    Isn't there a way I can find out the ambient temp of my case? Don't see anything named that in speed fan. Heres a SC:

    My guess is ambient is Temp3 @ 44C? Not sure what temp, temp1, temp2 are, and my guess is the cores are the cores of the CPU correct?
  6. I'd highly recommend trying HWMonitor:

    Very nice little program, though it does sometimes miss some of my fans/voltages, but usually very good and accurate.

    Often, a Hard drive is decently close to ambient, as long as it is idling and has a big fan blowing over it.
  7. lol its actually gotten quite chilly here so keep that in mind.

    Started the test already or I would EXT >< lol everything seems to be going good so far though. Peak temps were 65C but they seem to be hovering mostly around 60 C so methinks thats good.

    Wonder how much that might go up by on a hot summer day though :( I'll post a screenshot once its done and you guys can let me know what you think. Thanks again!
  8. Drum-roll please... lol so here are the results...

    Middle of Test (sry but the bottom got cut off, but you get the idea, peak was 65C on all cores)

    End Result:

    Is that sufficient for a Hyper 212+ / storm sniper with max fan speeds going around 45C ambient (chilly night here)? I'm hoping that on a hot summer day with the fans on a lower setting the temps wouldn't rise by THAT much. I await the final word from you guys, let me know what you think!

    Thanks again for everything ;)
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    Interesting, well I can;t really tell much with speed fan, HW monitor would be preferred. But it seems fine from the looks of it. In the winter when outside its in the teens and twenties Fahrenheit and inside my house its around 63-65F, my CPU temp idle is 25-26C. This is using a CM V8 and AS5 thermal paste. So not really sure how it compares. From what I have always heard is that the hyper 212+ was supposed to be amazing. However, lets not forgot that I am using a 920, you have a 950, so your higher clock might account for high temperatures but I am not sure at all.
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