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Hey all, have my new rig almost built (in pieces), just wanting a last couple of pointers from everyone. So far, I have an i7-930, 6GB G.Skill (CAS 7 DDR3 1333), Antec TruePower New 750, HIS 5850.

Planning on buying a GA-X58A-UD3R in the next couple of days, so first questions is opinions on that?

Also, already have a HD, so no worries there.

My last questions are in regard to cooling. Before anything else, I'm not looking to overclock now (maybe in the future? I don't think I'll need it for now).

I'm looking at a HAF 922 for size and ease of building, and cooling ability. Is it worth buying another 200mm fan for the side panel, to go over the GPU? And also, opinions on the case itself?

Would the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus suffice as a CPU heatsink? Remember, not planning to overclock, and I can find this for around $20. If its worthless, I'll go up, just want someone's opinion on it and if it'll do.

On a last note, I might crossfire with another 5850 in the future, but not for another year probably. If this affects my case decision and extra fan question, let me know please.

Thank you all in advance
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  1. Ga x58 ud3r is a perfectly fine mobo. There have been some complaints about a slight wine with certain PSU's, but honestly it's overblown and easily fixable if it does show up.

    HAF 922 is a great case. No need for sidefan with 1 5850. That things is low power and cool.

    Hyper 212 plus is a great HSF. I've taken i7-920 and i5-750 to 4ghz and under 60C load temps with it. ~19c ambient.

    Case is fine for xfire. You may want to add a side fan with second 5850 if you want to keep temps close to what they were with 1 GPU, but it's still fine without it.
  2. Thanks! I'd heard something about that mobo whining issue, can you describe a bit more the fix or how to avoid it, if it does happen?

    I wasn't sure about the side fan, didn't think I'd need it but figured the cooler I can keep the rig, the longer it'll last. This'll be my only upgrade for a while..

    Even if I dont add a side fan (or if I do) should I mount a filter or something on the opening to avoid dust getting pulled in by negative air pressure?

    Lastly, kind of an add on (and sort of moot cause I already bought it) any opinions on the RAM I got?

    Thanks again!
  3. Oh, one last question! When I mount the Hyper 212 Plus, which way to I point the fan? Forward? Up? Towards back of case?

    I'm afraid I just revealed myself as a clear newbie..
  4. RAM is fine if you don't OC.

    Fan is attached to side facing front of case, the side with rubber on the corners facing the HS (there's youtube videos and an instruction manual ya know^^).

    Whine- Rev 2 mobo's should have it resolved, if not, just update bios.

    Filter, yea, having one is nice, still have to clean out case once in a while though.

    Temps really aren't an issue with 1 5850. At stock settings and if you keep case clean hardware will last a decade or more.

    However, if you have negative air pressure, you're also better off taping any holes in the case that dust can get in by. If you're positive, then it's not an issue.
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