Logitech Z560 still silent after replacing blown fuse

I was running my Z560 pretty loud yesterday at a party, and suddenly everything shut off (no lights on the control pod, nothing) accompanied with the smell of burnt electronics. With no warranty, I opened up the back of the case, and replaced the fuse with a 4A 250V slow blow fuse as indicated on several forums.

The first fuse blew the second I turned it on (I was using tweezers to insert it, so I think I weakened the outside of the fuse). I tried a second fuse, and it seems to be functioning. All the lights on the control pod are functioning, but as of yet, I don't hear any sound from the satellite speakers or the sub, although I haven't turned the sound all the way up yet. Is there a recommended procedure for turning up the volume and seeing if they work? Or is it possible that I also blew some other components? What would you recommend from here?
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  1. It could be possible that some damage to the amplifier occurred, but it's hard to say. I'd see if you could get a look at the PCB it's on and look for burn marks/damage components.
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