Can this system run a 9800gt eco card?

I'm not an heavy gamer that needs extreme graphics or anything, but I do enjoy occasionally playing. That being said, I was wondering if the BFG 9800gt eco version could run on a 300w psu?

The system is an old Gateway GT5428 but here are the specs(they're terrible lol):

Intel Pentium D 935
300w PSU(unknown brand?)
Mobo = ?

I used to run an 8500gt 512mb on this but it broke after a couple of years so any slight upgrade from this would actually be fine.
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  1. If the PSU has 17-18 amps on the +12 volt rail I will say yes. I just had to run my 8800GT on a 19amp rail for 2 weeks (spare PSU) and had no issues.
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