Is my power supply failing?

Hi there, i've recently been having a problem with my computer that at first i thought it was BIOS related ( the computer would keep rebooting without POSTing), however i have since discovered tonight (by taking my pc completely apart lol), that i think my power supply is failing, here's a few specs:

q6600 (stock for these tests, i usually run 3.5ghz)
2x2ocz ddr2 800mghz
ocz gameXstream 700w power supply
ati HD5850 (overclocked using the ati control panel...sliders to the end)
ep45-ds3r gigabyte motherboard,
4xSata II hard drives, 320gig each,

I bought the 700w powersupply a few years ago, knowing that my pc would be quite powerhungry, however here's the problem - rebooting is fine, ie. warm boots, it's the cold boots that don't go down to well, for example i can shut down my system and try to turn it on 10 seconds later, and it goes into a boot loop, yet it i wait a minute or 2 until the SATA hard drives have fully spun down, and apparantly all the power is out of the system, it boots up fine, however this is VERY big pain when going into bios and changing even 1 setting, because the computer powers down and tries to boot up again, but then it doesnt i have to power it down and wait a minute but then it thinks it was a bad boot....

i've tried almost all the bios versions, same result, however what's very interesting is if i disconnect all but 1 hard drive, it works as perfectly as the day i built it, ive tried this with all the hard drives, none are faulty, what's more interesting is if i have 2 hard drives plugged in, and i start the system up, it works fine, and i can quicky plug the other two hard drives in whilst its posting and it recognises them and boots perfectly with all 4, its as if it cant cope with the initial surge needed to get going, yet if you let all the power drain after shut down it boots up fine most of the time....

it also messes up with sleep, you can't put the computer to sleep because it gets itself into a cycle, but if you pull a hard drive out it will go and boot up fine again without having to touch anything else, ive checked all connections and all cables work, you can put the scenario to each hard drive with each cable and it performs exactly the same, i'm just looking for some advice as to weather this is a classic failing PSU sign, because i dont want to be going out spending money if it's just gonna be a waste :) thanks all
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  1. however when the system is up and running, and i have my overclock on and full load, the system is solid as a rock, no reboots, its just when trying to load the system up, which is odd because i thought id be getting random reboots, even at total stock settings the system doesnt work anymore...something's slowely giving up
  2. another addition: i can't cold boot if my phone is plugged in to the usb power socket, ie. using the computer to charge up, yet if i take 2 hard drives out, boots like new again, it's as if it can't cope when there's too much connected, is this a psu problem or a motherboard problem?
  3. The only way to know for sure is to check. Borrow another powersupply and motherboard. Check using a new PSU first. I personally guess that it is a motherboard problem.
  4. but even if the drives arent connected to the mobo, they still dont power up when the psu kicks in, which leads me to believe its a failing rail on my psu
  5. Quote:
    but even if the drives arent connected to the mobo, they still dont power up when the psu kicks in, which leads me to believe its a failing rail on my psu

    And the only way to check is to try another PSU.
  6. I would be more inclined to try a different PSU first.

    BTW, most OCZ PSU's are just not that good.
  7. jsc said:
    BTW, most OCZ PSU's are just not that good.

    Evidence? I've heard this spouted about literally every PSU that is not corsair.
  8. but the thing is the psu never fails under full load and everything plugged in and overclocked. if i wait 30 seconds after powering down the machine is up fine and everything, its just when i shut down then turn it back on again within 10 seconds, i may just live with it, but i really like standby mode and im already at my highest overclock so i guess waiting 30 seconds each boot up is better than spending another £80
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