Wiring two Chasis Fans and the connectors to MOBO

Hi there. I am having a heck of a hellish time trying to build my system. Now I think I need a new Mobo. I do have one question regarding installation of the fans. There are two case fans in my unit. Among the supplied power wires from the PSU one that a 4 pin male black pins( though it has a total of 6, 2 being blank and goes to the PSU ), and on the ends are two daisy chained white female ends( hooks up to the fans ), AND on the very end is a small 4 pin female.

My question is... do I plug the 4 pin female to the " CHA_FAN 1 " on the motherboard? Though it fits, I just want to make sure because it looks like power will be supplied to the MOBO by going thru the fans. Right?
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  1. Huh? Mobo powers the fan, not the other way around.

    CHA_FAN 1 is to plug in a case fan to power it. Don't plug in a PSU plug in there.
    Be sure to read over mobo manually carefully when before you wire.
  2. If the PSU is powering the fans then you don't want/need to plug anything into the mobo.
  3. Phew. Thank you. Thank you so much. So I guess I have to somehow " split " this one outlet Cha_FAN1 to power the 2 fans?
  4. As silvune noted, you don't have to plug in case fans to mobo. Generally the mobo slots are for when you want software control of fan speeds (like CPU HS fan). Most people just connect their fans to the PSU.

    If you really want all fans controlled by mobo, you can get y slitter cables to allow 1 slot to control multiple fans. Another option is a fan controller.
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