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I have a problem for almost over a year now. My PC is freezing (i can still move my mouse cursor and minimize-maximize windows, but the applications are frozen, windows saying they are not responding. After about a minute all turns back to normal, all applications work). Right before the freezing, I can hear a sound from my computer, just like some component would turn ON (the sound is pretty high, just like when the blitz is recharging on an old photo-camera). I believe it to be the Hard Disk, but I am not sure, this happens mostly when i download something from the internet, or transferring files to my pc from removable drives.

My pc specks are the following:
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
CPU> Intel Core2Duo E6420
Motherboard> ECS P965T-A
3 Gb DDR2 (2 sticks Kingston, 1 Stick Samsung, 1GB each)
Video> ATI Radeon HD 4670 512 MB
Disk Drive> Western Digital WD3200AAJS (320GB)
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  1. run hd tune..see if the smart health of the drive is good or bad..use wd drive tools to check the drive health. use memtests for ram and hardware monitor for temps.
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