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I had GeForce G310 to connect 1 Sony Bravia HDTV and 1 20" Gateway monitor, which works perfectly.

I wanted to add an additional Gateway monitor and I found out that G310 is not going to cut it. So, I bought 5770 to connect 1 Sony Bravia HDTV and 2 Gateway monitors. I was able to get all monitors working, but on my Sony LCD, the picture had this weird contrast issue that the text look broken up. After I tried every conceivable configuration to see if I can fix it, I thought it was defective card and I sent it back. The problem, the new card does exactly the same thing.

So, however unreasonable this might sound, either ATI has issues with the LCD TV or my MOBO.

Having said that, does anyone know which NVIDIA card allows me to connect 3 monitors?

Please let me know.

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  1. None exist, only ATI cards or workstation level cards support more than two monitors.

    You might want to look for drivers for your sony LCD TV or try adjusting some various settings in CCC, it generally takes a bit of adjustment to get stuff looking right when attached to a TV.
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