BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER of weird magnitude

Hello techies!

I'm writing you having been faced with my most challenging PC problem yet.
I have built several PCs. The best being my gaming system, which is being plagued by some odd problem. In the last few days I experienced an increasing amount of BSODs while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2. I have a Phenom I 9850 and the game stresses all four CPUs to 100% during matches. For many months the game and the PC ran perfectly fine, but lately I started experiencing frequent crashes.
At first I thought it could be because of the high outside temperature (+33 C here), but the BSOD screen usually reported some sector problems on the HDD. So I ran chdsk c: /r - it didn't find anything. After another crash, the BSOD message changed to BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. Pretty straightforward, eh? But not at all, as I saw afterwards. This weird "USB DRIVER" bug won't let Windows start, not even in Safe Mode, it won't allow bootable DVDs to execute Windows Setup AND it even appeared after I tried to install Windows (7, btw) on a CLEAN HDD.
This is really beyond me. :ouch:

My exact setup is as follows:
Phenom I 9850
Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
XFX Radeon HD 9870
WD Velociraptor (ans some mundane other HDDs)
Apacer DDR II 667

Now I managed to install 7 on a clean HDD, after several failed attempts (blocked by the USB bug).
Let's see how this turns out. Has anyone experienced similar things? I found a lot of forum posts about the USB bugcode, but not in this scale, where even installing OS on a separate HDD would be hampered.
Thanks for your comments and I'll update you on the situation as it develops. Cheerio!
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  1. If possible, swap out your memory sticks for another pair known to work fine.
  2. Griffolion said:
    If possible, swap out your memory sticks for another pair known to work fine.

    Ah yes - I thought of that. Only it's unfortunately impossible at this time. Two other PCs I build use the same type of sticks, but they're at the parents house an I'm 500 km away. :D I'll run a memory check, maybe, to test the stability of my modules once the OS (hopefully without further usb bugs) completes.

    Thanks for the tip Griffolion!
  3. Get back to us when you've done the test.

    Memtest is the one to go for.
  4. Memory diagnostics completed without errors. I ran another chkdsk -x -r -f for the old system drive and now it's scanning, deleting and moving lots of stuff none of which I understand but I suppose it's and indicator that the file system was messed up and it's being fixed or something. Hopefully.
  5. Seems the problem was fixed by an extensive chkdsk procedure. I still had to reinstall the OS on the system drive, though. Again - thanks for the help, Griffolion!
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