720, 740, or 955?

Hey everyone, just wondering on what your guys opinons are on the Phenom II X3 720, 740, or the X4 955? I would be mostly gaming (Farcry 2, Metro, Crysis, MW2, etc.) What would be the best bang for buck? Thanks!
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  1. The best bang for the buck is the Phenom II X3 740. If your games have quad core support you can also get the 955.
  2. So does the 740 out beat the 720 in performance? Haven't seen much for benches or anything like that for the 740.
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    Of course it's better, it has a higher frequency, otherwise it's the same.

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  4. I would get the 955BE. Reason it is a quad core. Chances are that you can unlock a X3 to a quad but not guaranteed.
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