Headset microphone broke but headphones still work

my headset is quite old, its from Cyber Acoustics. I've had it for about 2 years now and all of a sudden the microphone stopped working. My computer is recognizing the headset but it says its not working. I can hear fine but I can no longer talk.
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  1. if ur mic is attached to the headset, without any form of a plug, then ull have to get a new headset, to get the mic working as well.
  2. Is it usb or does it have separate speaker and mic plugs? You could get an external mic and not use the headset mic.

    My headset just did the same thing. I bought a new $10 headset with mic at frys. It will somehow get broken sometime in 2011 and I will just buy another one. I havent found that $60 headsets last any longer than $10 headsets so I just get the cheaper ones.
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