ASUS M4A88T-M LE and AMD Phenom 2 Black Incompatible?

I keep getting an error after I turn on the computer that "The CPU is not supported by this motherboard" and it tells me to visit ASUS QVL.

I have an AMD Phenom 2 Black 555 unlocked to 4 cores in the computer.

I've updated the BIOS three times with three different updates and none of them fixed my problem. The computer starts, but after the Windows Vista loading screen I get a blue error message telling me that my hard drive may be corrupted or have a virus.

I did some research and there's no reason an unlocked 555 shouldn't work with the mobo I have right now.
Can anyone help?

Mobo: Asus M4A88T-M LE
CPU: AMD Phenom II Black 555 (Unlocked to four cores)
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  1. Does it work without the unlocked cores? I'm assuming it does or you wouldn't be able to unlock them in the first place. Those unlocked cores might just be defective, hence it was sold as an X2 and not an X4
  2. Try unlocking the other two cores one at a time.
  3. I turned off the extra cores and I'm getting the same error. Do I need a blank hard drive? Because I'm using a used one right now.
  4. I figured out the BSOD error I've been getting. It's a problem with my hard drive.

    I'm still getting a message that says that my "CPU" is unsupported.
  5. I am getting the same error and after about 60 hrs of troubleshooting over 3 weeks relaized it was a bunch of faulty SATA ports on the mobo that was preventing me from installing Fedora 14 or Win 7. The installation will start and then crap out after a few mins or secs giving weird errors. The only general eyeballed commonality between the errors were that they indicated some kind of BUS I/O issue or connection refused issue. After much playing around the installer worked on SATA port 4 for the HDD and SATA port 6 for the CD/DVD RW drive. The ASUS M4A88T-M LE manual says that the mobo supports CD/DVD drives on SATA ports 5 & 6 for installation of OS and it was "strongly recommended" to use these ports only for the CD/DVD drive. Port 5 did not work. The drive was recognized by BIOS and disk driven utilities worked fine but the installation failed. Things got going on port 6 for CD/DVD drive and port 4 for HDD. This experience is something to keep in mind with the ASUS M4A88T-M LE mobo that uses a Phenom II X2 555 unlocked as Phenom II X4 B55.
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