GPU OEM Cooler BUST< need urgent help on getting new one.

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ATI Sapphire HD 3650 DDR2 512 PCI-E

Situation: The blue stockfan has gone bust, ive found out about this several times when my PC would turn itself off to prevent hardware damage. I had replaced the fan with a Make-shift CPU COoler held together by plastic Clip-pins-thingies. Temperature is holding but at around 70c.

Now this card is pretty crap unless I overclock it. NOw I have a new system built, better case etc. I am looking for a COOLER for this GPU. Problem is I tried getting some of them retail coolers but a lot of them are waaay too bulky/big, and holes dont even mach. I am running out of ideas here, I will be investing in a 5770 Eventualyl but I wish to make this last, squeeze all the juice that I can get from it before I make the transformation.

Please, if you have experience with these things do not hesitate to reply. Better yet explain to me how I would go about figuring out the size and specification of a retail cooler.


Possible OPTION:??

I dont know which chipset my graphics card has, its a pretty small card I mean I dont really have much clue about these things.
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  1. surely someone mustve had this problem before.
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