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I recently built a computer about a month ago, I use this computer for games such as Aion and World of Warcraft. Lately when i play Aion i get horrible fps jumps and lag. Here are my system specs.

AMD Phenom Black Edition 965 3.4ghz
MSI 790fx GD-70
OCZ Black Edition Ram 4g 1600mhz
Sapphire 5850 toxic 2gb gpu
Western Digital Caviar Black 750gb hard drive
Corsair HX 850 P supply
Corsair H50 CPU cooler
Windows 7 64 bit

I have been reading up on this for about a week and still cant figure out what the deal is, i recently added the 5850 gpu and it seems my performance hasnt improved in Aion. I dont know if this is just the game or what...but i usually run 60fps steady in WOW. I was thinking maybe Ram was an issue, maybe i need to add more or mine is faulty...lost on ideas here:(
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  1. What type of internet connection are you using? Could this be lag caused from the server to your machine (not to be confused with lag from your system.) See my test below at the end of my post.

    I play guild wars and there is a performance meter icon that i can track such stats. Check to see what happens when you experience this lag issue.

    You most likely wouldnt notice any improvement over 60fps from the game, at least from any such in game meters. My old 7800gtx system usually hovered at 60fps with occasional drops to 40. My new GTX470 system shows 59/60 at all times, however, these numbers are most likely limited by the game itself (so no 80+fps)

    Such games usually arent bad with RAM, my old system (xp) ran with 2gb. My new system (7) runs with 6. 4gb should be plenty though.

    **** TRY THIS ****

    While in game try moving from one point to another. Does your character run to that point and then "teleport" back from where you came? this is server lag. While in a busy area do other people seem to be "lag hopping" on your screen, but if you move your view around everything looks smooth and not choppy? this is server lag.

    If it was your computer acting up and not your connection/game server then your character would respond instantly to commands, however your video would just stutter for a few seconds (especially in large zones with complex features). You could turn graphics down to bare minimum and see if you still have any issues as a failsafe test.

    Keep in mind that my ingame fps meter sometimes hops around when the server lags on me. Rely on your average fps not any lag-induced numbers.


    Post your findings if you feel it is computerbased and not serverbased.
  2. Well im running on 6meg DSL from AT&T at the moment. I usually experience pings anywhere from 76 to 350, and these jump up and down all the time. My modem that i am using is a old 2wire 1701HG and i dont think they make those anymore lol...i think my connection is suffering at the moment but i also tested my ram by putting on stick in at a time and running stick ran the game horribly but when i put the other stick in it was like a miracle, the game ran smooth and i wasnt getting any fps jumps, except in major cities where there is a lot of traffic. So i have ordered a new AT&T wireless gateway, and i am also gonna order some new RAM and see if that fixes the problem. The Ram being bad may be the reason i was experiencing BSOD also:) Thanks for your reply.
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