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Will amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ work in mcp61sm-gm MB?

I have an Emachines H5270. I was hoping to replace the CPU that came with the MB (LE-1640 CPU) I am looking for the greatest possible CPU my MBoard can handle. Having done some research I have found AMD's Athlon 64 x2 6000+ to be superior...

I haven't had much luck getting decent help from Gateway, and was hoping if you could confirm for me the 6000+ as being the "maximum" my particular MBoard can handle....If it is not the best, or if the 6000+ is simply incompatible, for you to tell me this would be extremely, greatly appreciated.

PSU - 550W
MB - mcp61sm-gm
CPU - Information taken from gateway support

Form Factor mATX 244 × 220 × 1.6 mm
Processor Support Supports socket 940 for AMD® Athlon™ 64 FX
System Bus Support Up to 2000 Mhz

Thank you very much.
Helpful site by the way! - Saumas
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  1. Excellent link! Thanks for you help!
  2. Make sure you pay attention to that page. The Windsor 89W 3.0Ghz version of the 6000+ is the best you can do. There are Brisbane options that operate at 3.1 GHz and have less cache. There is also the 125W Windsor version of the 6000+ which is also incompatible. The latter two will most likely not work in your board though.
  3. Thanks for the heads up megamanx00....I found what I'm looking for on ebay.

    *** ADA6000IAA6CZ - 89W Windsor model ***
    ADX6000IAA6CZ - 125W Windsor

    Same processors, for all intents and purposes. I'm glad you were able to help me iron this out!

    And about the were definitely right! Compared to the Windsor.....
    Well let's just say that 0.1-0.2 GHz increase is not worth loosing HALF your level 2 Cache!

    Thanks for you help.
  4. Good. Hope it works well for you. I'm sure you will enjoy the big speed increase over your old chip :D
  5. Thanks again all of you.

    Now that it is in the mail, I intend to gather all pertinent information regarding its installation.....Already I have hit a snag.

    For now, pending site-administrator approval, I have signed up with e4allupgraders
    forums....Posting on this site as well as the other, I hope to find the answers I need.

    I have no problem, extracting the old, and physically installing the new CPU.....It's my BIOS I'm worried about..... I have been in and out of every option. Staring, for what seemed like years, at that horrid yellow-on-blue screen.....and to no avail was there an option to set manually, or automatically the power requirements of the new CPU.

    I was hoping someone could help me identify what I need to do with my BIOS to accommodate this new processor.

    My MB and specifications are at the top of this addition to that information:

    BIOS - Phoenix Technologies, LTD
    Version - 6.00 PG
    Date - 01/31/2008

    Have I missed a jumper on the MB? Or had I gone cross-eyed feeling the effects of staring into the soul of my BIOS?.....

    If there is anyone familiar with my situation, I am kindly asking for your help.
    If I have failed to pass on information that may help you help me, please let me know, and I will post it here when I gather it!

    Thanks again to everyone.
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    Your motherboard should automatically select the correct voltage and multiplier. Just make sure that the BIOS is current and that the CPU model you ordered is one it supports. As long as you get the 89W Windsor model it should work fine. If you try to use the 125W model your board may refuse to start since it doesn't know what to do with it, or could possibly try to use too much voltage and kill itself. Yeah that's not suppose to happen but I've seen on it on really cheapo boards.
  7. Processor is in and all is well. Thanks again all for helping me troubleshoot compatibility......Had I bought that 125W Windsor I'd be in a world of hurt!

    Thanks again. You've been all very kind, and extremely helpful.
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