How to recover a deleted bit locker encrypted file

I had a bit locker encrypted partition drive of 10 gb on my windows 7 computer. It was somehow deleted. All i know is that i saw the drive there one moment then, i opened the disk manager. there i saw that there is a partition on my pc which was not visible. so, i allocated it a drive letter. when i returned to my computer screen that hidden partition became visible but my previsious partition disappeared. It was a very imporatant partition with important data and was encrypted with bit locker. I'm trying my best to recover it. but no recovery software is working. I'll be deeply thankful if someoe can help me plz...
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    You may well have assigned the same letter to this hidden partition. If you are still able to boot up the computer, go to Disk Management, and in the lower graphical area, right click on the "hidden partition" you assigned the letter to. Then click on Change drive Letter. Then click on "None" or remove.

    That may make the OEM partition not visible and permeit your locked partition to be seen.
  2. thanks for taking time to reply this but since no recovery software worked, i simply formatted the windows. It appeared that a lot of data was overwritten and hence couldn't have been recovered. Thank you a lot for helping me.
  3. You are welcome. Sorry to hear you needed to start over with that drive. MS did set up the bitlocker system so without the passkey, a drive can't be unencrypted, even when taken out of one computer and placed as a non system drive in another.

    The bitlocker system is mandatory for corporations, banks, credit card companies, VA, govt programs, etc. so when their laptops are stolen, no one can get to the data. For every day folks where data isn't NSA critical, enctypting specific files or a folder should be adequate.

    The best.
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