Power fan has only sata plug on it

my old power fan had to sata connectors one for the hardrive and one for the cdrom.my new fan has only one sata connector so only the hardrive or cdrom will work with the sata connector inserted into that device both will not work any ideas?
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  1. Emerald said:

    Thanks for your response Emerald something like a molex would work.
    You'd think the adapter would have at least two sata connectors to it never mind business is business.
  2. Quote:
    What exactly is a power fan?

    By the way, 2 is spelled "two", not "to". Stay in school "classman".

    Thanks for the helpful mail zipzoomflyhig. My mail was sent whilst rushing to work this morning so it made sense to write the number 2 instead of two.
    By power fan i meant theadapter the powers the pc to start up that has a small cooler fan that spins round and round when the pc starts up,i thought you would've worked that out when i mentioned it had only one SATA CONNECTOR connected to it.
  3. So, you're talking about a Power Source Unit?

    The cheaper the unit, the less it has for connections and such. And adapter should do the trick, but if there's problems with crashing or things just not working chances are the PSU is *** and needs to be replaced.
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    You didn't write the number 2, you wrote "to". Geez can't read your own typing? lol

    You are so mean, man! :non:
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    You didn't write the number 2, you wrote "to". Geez can't read your own typing? lol

    Blimey i missed the w in to i guess im the only one in the world who makes a typing errror now and again. Perhaps i should make a living correcting people's typing errors in forums, ummm no i've got a life.

    Thanks for your message wolfman ,my pc is 6 months old and i've yet to encounter problems with the pc crashing just need another sata connector for my cd-rom will browse micro direct's website for one.
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    Mean? Seriously, your computer literate but not English literate. I mean if you can't even spell 2 in letters that's pretty bad. What is this Country coming to.

    Its "you're" not "your". Seriously, is an apostrophy and an extra letter THAT hard? What happened to grammar? Geez.

    Just kidding lol.
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