Connot format C: drive, I've tried everything

I am trying to format my C: drive (secondary drive)
I cannot access the hard drive at all, when I click it I get a message that say's "You need to format the disc in drive C: before you can use it, do you want to format?" (when I click yes it doesn't work)

Things I have tried:
- Right clicking the C: drive and click format ("Windows was unable to complete the format")
- Repairing Windows with the installation disk
- Reinstall Windows with the installation disk
- Format with the command prompt
- Running chkdsk (it stops at 21 percent)
- Removing the corrupted drive (C: ) (This drive must be plugged in otherwise my primary drive (G: ) won't work)

I think the C drive has boot-up information on it which is why I can't have it unplugged. I can't access the drive at all but it's somehow keeping my computer running. I cannot uninstall a program on that drive or run a virus scan on that drive. (I got a blue screen)

Since this happened, my computer is really slow and it's annoying that I have an unusable hard drive connected.

How can I format my hard drive or possibly fix it. I don't care about anything on it and would be fine formatting it.
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  1. The boot loader must be on the C drive. Remove this drive and any others that don't contain the OS, then run a repair install. It should recreate the boot loader on drive G (your OS drive). Make sure it boots ok, then reconnect the other drives. make sure your boot drive is set up properly in your bios. Now you should be able to format the drive.
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