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I have a Dell Inspiron 545s with a 250w supply. Im currently running a 512mB DDR ATI Radeon HD4350. But I have started noticing serious flaws in its performance while gaming. I have a slim-line cabinet and require a good low profile GPU. I have short listed the HD 4770,HD 5670 and the nVidia 9800 GT. Which will allow me MAXIMUM GAMING POWER? (Im usually into racing games so i will require an unusually high frame rate.) Please help!
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  1. What is your budjet?
  2. firstly get a better power supply, im surprised your hd 4350 can run on that one you have. i recommend a 500 watt psu ( corsiar or thermaltake are pretty good ) then get yourself a 9800 gt or a gts 250
  3. Yup, HD4350 will just fine running by 250W PSU... :)

    For your low PSU, i guess HD5570 low profile card will suffice.
    I'm not recommending HD5770/HD4770 low profile, those cards could get Hot easily, since low profile cards are using single slot...
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