My Sony HD TV is blurry only on PC...

Yeah... So right after I updated my video drivers and restarted the pc my monitor (Sony BRAVIA W5500) got blurry. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

I've tried this:
System Restore - Didn't help so much.
Adjusting the TV - Same... Didn't help.

My PS3 doesn't have that problem and it's on the same monitor...

Can you please help me?
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  1. It's like the text and the colors are kinda blurry... Can't really explain it.
  2. SOLVED! The HDMI port my PC was in is broken I think because when I plug in the PS3 system it's blurry too. So now I've plugged the PC in to a new port and it's nice and smooth again. :D
  3. I'm gonna get it fixed soon.
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