Gtx 280 vs 4890

is it a fair trade for me?

mine Sapphire 4890 vapor-x 1gb

and i get a EVGA gtx 280 superclocked

what is best performing in gaming?

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  1. I'd stick with the HD 4890, the GTX 280 might perform faster, but requires more power and cannot overclock as well as the Vapor-X. If you do not intend to overclock then I suppose the GTX 280 would be a tiny bit faster, although I don't think it's worth it personally.
  2. okay thx ;)
  3. I agree with Lmeow,also although GTX 280 is faster, the difference isn't huge
  4. how can gtx 280 be faster, i can see 4890 have 870mhz and gtx280 has 621mhz

    and 1gb gddr5 vs gddr3

    it is this gtx 280
  5. It is faster because of different architecture on the GPU it self. Direct Mhz comparison between ATI and Nvidia does not work. Here are some benchmarks which is the only way to compare them
  6. thx a lot, i think i will say yes to the trade then, it is time to try Nvidia, before i buy the radeon 5970 :D
  7. make sure your cpu can handle it
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