Pc stuck at windows load screen

just bought these parts:phenom ii 955be,asus m4a88t-m le motherboard and corsair 2gb XMS3 CMX2GX3M1A1333C RAM
kept same hdd:seagate barracuda 250gb 7200rpm sata drive

when i push the power button computer gives a single beep,then continues for bios screen,after bios screen it goes at windows loading(WINDOWS XP),it loads for approx. 30 seconds,then three lights on the keybaord flash as they normally do,but after that the pc automatically restarts
i experimented of starting windows xp setup by putting cd in cd drive,pressed key to boot from cd and it started fine,i went till the stage of formatting previously installed windows and then i quit,so setup ran fine
i'm quite sure there's a bios setting problem,i had once faced exactly same problem with previous parts too(old computer had intel dg33fb mobo,core2duo,2gb ram) when i updated that board's bios to latest,but at that time i called some computer guy and he said that some bios setting was wrong,i hadn't changed settings,they were as default by intel,he then corrected it and then computer ran fine

i can't even note down the settings from that bios because that's locked with a forgotten password and also that's an old board and didn't had half the options as this asus board has,right now the settings are set to default in this new board
i have been messing around with this from hours,please help...
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    If you are trying to start up on your old win install then all your drivers are for the old hardware. Repair install of windows would fix that problem or it could be able to start in safe mode and load the drivers for your new board.
    To do a repair install: select install, when detecting previous win install select repair after that install all your drivers.
  2. Check your connection if nothing happen install a fresh copy of window.
  3. thanks rolli59,reinstalling windows solved it
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