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Well right now i am sitting on my HP comp that has XP atm i am going to use the harddisc from it on my comp that i am building. Will it be possible to use the harddisc on my new comp without having to install XP again? I tried to ask friends of mine if they have the CD but none have it :(. Or will it be possible to copy files on a disc and install them on the new comp?
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  1. No it work because the computers are NOT identical and as such, the hardware and motherboard drivers won't be found correctly and you'll need to reinstall XP for everything to be recognized .. And then, if you try to reinstall XP using the same product key, it won't be able to validate because you've got different hardware but I think you can still sneak a few over the phone activations in without Microsoft pitching a fit. I did that with my version of windows 7 on 3 different pc's. Sorry :(. If you are doing a new build and you want to transfer the data only then there is a way around that but not the OS.
  2. If the hard drive is IDE scrap it, it will be a huge bottleneck on a new system.
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