Will My Gefore 6200 Run SC2

Hey guys I've recently rebuilt my buddy's PC's and his specs are
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3.0 GHz
2GB PNY DDR 2 ram
460w Power Supply

at lowest settings the game lags completely, i've seen on Youtube that people run SC2 easy.
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  1. I would not expect that GPU to run SC2.
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    That's not even a HTPC graphics card. Try something like a 9600GT or a 4670, That would run SC2 decently and I think your PSU could run both, my cousin has a MSI 9600GT running in a 350w PSU.
  3. Agree with 2 peoples above,your card is just too weak...
    Get9600GT or HD4670 asLuigiVN said above, those cards are MUCH better than your card... :)
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