Wierd refresh rate problem

I run windows 7 x64 on ATI 5770 and in some games like Burnout Paradise the refresh rate is locked at 60.
And I have 17" CRT which runs at 85 Hz and if your refresh rate is below 85, the flickering is gonna kill your eyes.
Please tell me why the hell is it happening??
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  1. Catalyst control Center > Wait for vertical Refresh > Off, Unless application specifies

    You may have V-sync enabled through the CCC and thus, would run V-synced all the time, and if your GPU is not aware of your Monitor's refresh rates, then it may think 60fps is where it should be.
  2. It's set to off, Unless application specifies.
  3. It may be that your GPU doesn't recognize 85mhz as a PnP resolution/refresh combination in windows, thus limiting the options in game. Check your monitor's manufacturer for any possible drivers. I have had rare sporadic monitor resolution/refresh/freature issues in the past that have been rectified by installing a monitor driver.

    If that doesn't work or isn't available, you could try another option, though it really is just a shot in the dark:

    Control Panel > Adjust Screen Resolution > Advanced settings > "Monitors" Tab > Uncheck "Hide modes this monitor cannot display"
  4. I already did that thing but I didn't update any kind of monitor driver as it's a plug n play
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    All monitors are PnP AFAIK but some monitors require drivers for advanced features. Your monitor's refresh rate may one of those advanced features.
  6. If I run the games in window mode nothing gets disturbed.Looks like full screen apps take control over my monitors refresh rate.Most of the LCDs run at 60Hz so maybe they assume that I have a LCD lol
    Well can I lock my monitor refresh rate somehow?? Some software that actually works. I tried one or two but they didn't help me. I'm on ATI 5870 :D
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