All games crash on my pc

Hello, i hav d same probles as monsterhunt... few months ago i had intel celeron D 2.53ghz, Transcend 1 GB RAM, nvidia 9400 1 GB grafics card (no fan) , WD 320 GB HDD, mercury PNMCP7 nvidia chipset.. with win XP & WIN 7(64) with this config, almost all games i played vry well n smooth even prototype(low grafix details)also... den a month ago i hav some upgarde as.. intel Dual core 2.7ghz E5400, ASUS P5QPL AM/PS, nvidia 9500 1 GB grafix card (with fan ), Transcend 1 GB RAM, psu Zebronics 400w, WD 320 GB HDD, win XP & WIN 7(32) BT WITH THIS CONFIG ALL D GANES ARE CRASHED....MOST OF THEM GIVES MULTICOLORED SQUARE LIKE SHAPES WITH GRAY BACKGROUND.. OTHERWISE PC GOT HANG OR CRASH WITH BLUE SCREEN... IT GONNA B HEIGHT WHE I PLAY CHESS ON WIN 7.. no of pixels ware start apearing on the screen after few min of play.. . . i cant understand wht happend here.. plz help me out here..... my mail id is
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  1. You mobo have onborad graphic card, have you disabled it in BIOS?
  2. there could be three reasons
    1)problem with GPU it happend with me too with my 9400gt(crashing blue screen
    sudden stops)
    2)overheating happened with my 8800gt(crashing blue screen
    sudden stops)
    3)windows 7 is kind of buggy i gave me blue screen all the time so i just downgraded back to vista ultimate
  3. 1. Make sure all of your components are free from dust.
    2. Passive cooler (no fan) on your card is not meant to be playing games.
    3. Check your temps, i guess it's an overheating and make your card dying.
    4. Do not show your email on this forums. :)
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