Seagate 7200.12 1TB ATTO very slow

This Seagate 7200.12 1TB Drive is my secondary drive and contains just media and I use this drive to record my gameplay via FRAPS as I have my games on my primary 320GB WD drive.

Recently [a few weeks] I have been experiencing a lot of lagg in recording at 60fps to the 7200.12, I was earlier able to record butter smooth on 60 fps to the exact same location.
I am able to record to my primary drive without issues but the only problem is it has less space.

I have no idea whats wrong! please help!

PC specs :

i5 2500k @ 4.0Ghz
Asus DC II 560 Ti @ 975Mhz
4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz x 2
Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z
Seagate 7200.12 1TB
WD 320GB
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  1. Hello,

    Interesting, this drive specs lists it as both SATA II & SATA III. ???
    Which is it for your drive? Also is this drive connected as an external USB removable drive or internal to your desktop connected by a SATA port. If inside, is it connected to a SATA II or SATA III port?

    May help figure it out.
  2. It is connected inside with SATA

    I tried all 6 six ports of my motherboard [ 4 Intel SATA II and 2 AsMedia SATA III] with no change in speeds at all.

    PS : Sorry for the late reply.

    EDIT : The write speed has got down from 44 to 24 MB/S and the Read from 73 to 63 MB/s :(
  3. I'm assuming it's a SATA II HDD.

    SATA II theoretical max is 2400 Mb/s, or 300 MB/s. The realistic average transfer speed is 1/3 to 1/2 that. Depends on the speed of the HDD, rather than the stated SATA port spee.

    Download and run HD Tune. Check the info tab to tell you all about the drive, check the Health tab to make sure there are no problems, then run a Read Benchmark test across the whole drive. The best number to go by is the Transfer Average Rate.

    That may shed more light on your HDD, and I suspect it will be within the average rates of 75 - 100 MB/s.
  4. The health tab says that all is "ok".

    Although the read speed seems fine, I think that the write speed would matter more in recording gameplay via Fraps.

    And while recording even at 30fps, there is a lot of microstutter.
  5. The drive looks fine to me. As you can see, the further in on the disk, the slower it transfers because it is moving slower on the inner tracks.

    Check how much data you have stored on the disk. If it's a lot, then it will be running slower as the circumference of the tracks become shorter.
  6. I have about 300GB free out of the 1 TB, maybe thats the reason.

    Thanks a lot!
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    KaKkaR0T said:
    I have about 300GB free out of the 1 TB, maybe thats the reason.

    Thanks a lot!

    You could run the "Short Stroke" transfer test (checkbox) at the default settings. It will give you the transfer rate on the outer tracks, where the headsdon't have to move very much.
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