Hi there, I'm having some problems with my OS because it is taking memory on the hard drive when there is nothing there :S When i right click and check the properties of my user in C/User/(My User) it says that 4.64gb of space is being used when infact i haven't put a single thin in ANY of its sub folders!!!!! This is because i want to keep the SSD as free as possible therefore i've made a 500gb partition on a standard 2 TB hard drive which contains all of my documents and other things. Please help me as to why this space is being taken up on my SSD when that folder is completely empty!!!!! Thanks. :)
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  1. There are some things that come to mind that might take up memory. 1. You have hibernate on 2. Pagefile 3. System Restore. These all take up memory and must be manually turned off.
  2. Windirstat . . . Google is your friend.

    Also, you coudl move your home directories to the spinning drive if you need to.
  3. Some things belong on the boot drive. Something tells me you're trying to get by on a 60GB SSD. IMHO, that's too small by a factor of two, at least. Personally, I invested in a 256GB SSD and am not sorry.
  4. What is the brand, model, and capacity of your solid state drive?

    Without any additional information I would guess you did not implement Windows 7 space saving techniques.

    Here is a link to the sticky located at the very top of this forum section:

    Scroll down to the Tweaks / Optimization section where you will find links to useful articles to help you optimize your ssd.
  5. Everyone is stating good points on how to decrease the space used by windows. However this is not what the OP asked, he wanted to know why the Users folder was taking up so much space.

    There is a hidden folder under each user called "AppData" which is used by programs to save data for each user. This folder can be GBs in size.
  6. x3773 - You're right. I forgot the original question. :whistle:
    The terminology and phrases used by the OP have me a bit confused.

    Changing the location of AppData from a primary boot drive to a secondary drive is a space saving technique. How to do it depends on the OS and the OS version.
  7. In Windows 7, the easiest and best way to move folders is to create a junction. You copy the folder to where you want it, delete it original, then run this through command prompt.

    mklink /d source destination
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