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Hi, I've just installed my SATA ATA 2tb WD EARS hard drive and now my computer won't start. I'll push the power button, and the fans will start but there's no startup beep. Any solutions?

I have a P5e-VM DO mobo, intel e8400 dual core have 850W Seasonic PSU, Nvidia 8500 GT, and 2 Gigs DDR2 RAM.
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  1. does the computer start up if you unplug the drive? double check that everything is plugged in right, its easy to loosen connections when installing new hardware.
  2. What he said :)
  3. Is this the boot drive or an expansion drive in an already working system.

    If an expansion drive, what he said. :D

    If a boot drive, does the system POST without it (single short beep). You do not need drives to successfully POST.

    If the system does not POST, what Proximon said in his sig:
    "Troubleshooting Guide". :)
  4. Yes the computer boots (fans spin, light comes up but still no beep) when I unplug one, all or none of the hard drives.

    And just to expand the first post , the computer was working the day before the post, I have made sure everything is connected properly, and I'm afraid to take the computer apart because I got this computer prebuilt, but it's gonna cost me 60 bucks to even get it examined.
  5. Spinning fans and lights are no indication your computer is booting.

    Boot : The process of an operating system starting on your computer.

    POST: Power On Self Test - The self test your motherboard does prior accessing the hard drive and allowing the operating system to boot.

    Everything was working fine, then you decided to install a new drive. You opened the case and installed the drive, but when you tried to boot the computer all you got was fans and lights.

    Since you haven't mentioned anything on your monitor, I guess the monitor is remaining black with no signal.

    So, not only is your computer failing to boot, it is also failing to POST.

    The problem is probably something you bumped or dislodged while installing the hard drive.
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