HDD works in Windows, but BIOS doesn't see it

a few days ago i decided to install debian (linux os). so i placed another hdd (old seagate barracuda 7200.7 st3200822as) in my system. but when i started the debian install, the hdd didn't show up. i went into my bios but it didn't show up there either...
but when i boot my ssd with windows, the hdd does show up and i can use it as if everything works fine.
i've already tried to connect the hdd to other sata slots but it's always the same :(

anybody here who might know what's goin on?
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  1. After Windows detects your drive, can BIOS then see the drive after a warm reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del)? If so, then it may be that your drive is powering up in standby (PUIS).
  2. doesn't work :(
    tried it multiple times
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