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A few months ago my home wireless internet access stop connecting to the internet. It says that I am connected to the router but for some reason I cannot connect to the internet. My wired PC is working but my laptops cannot access the internet. I called linksys and I was told that my access or license have already expired and needed renewal (or replace my equipment ) for a one time help of $29.00 or a six months help for $49.00. I did not know any better so I decided to purchased the $49.00 renewal good for 3 years???? But can ask for help multiple times if needed for 6 months.

My question is: Is is true that there is expiration to home wireless access??? Thanks for any answer I can get from this.
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  1. No. Linksys were talking about paying for technical support on how to fix the problem.

    Clearly something has changed in the wireless router. It permits a wired computer to connect but not the others. I would imagine the common issue is wireless.

    Access the router's user setup screens using the wired computer. Have a look at the literature which came with the router for how (or download the manual from Linksys).

    Check that wireless is enabled and SSID is being broadcast. Temporarily disable all wireless security (including Access List if that it enabled). Save the new setting and exit. Then see if the laptops can detect the wireless router's SSID and connect.
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