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I currently have a machine that I built 2 years ago, with a e8500 cpu. I wanna upgrade but I'm out of the loop over the last 2 years so just looking for some assurance on my plan. Main thing that i'm wondering about is the mobo, the mobo is always the most confusing part for me. you might ask what I want in a mobo? I have no clue, I guess I want it to fit any video card I want in it lol, and in the case of this mobo I want it to fit the ethernet card that I will have to buy also since it dont have a on board one. I'm currently using a radeon HD 4850 video card, which I plan on upgrading also, but I'm gonna wait 2 months to upgrade it since I only have the money for the mobo/cpu atm and no need for better graphics for 2 months when ff14 comes out anyhow. so anyhow to the point here is the mobo and cpu I was thinking of getting and just using all my other current stuff for now. Oh and 1 final note: I choose the 1156 over the 1366 because the 1366 processors don't seem to be even much better, especially for the price difference and I was then gonna go with the 1366 for the purpose of being able to upgrade but I realize I wont upgrade for another 2+ years and by then 1366 wont be the new thing anyhow so getting 1366 actually won't help me.

Mobo: ASRock H55M-LE LGA 1156 Intel H55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core i7-875K Lynnfield 2.93GHz LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Unlocked Desktop Processor BX80605I7875K

I could spend more $$$$$ on mobo and cpu if need be, just this seemed like the best route to me.
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  1. Is this primarily for gaming? Do you plan to Crossfire/SLI ever? What's your budget?

    For a strictly gaming build, you'd be better off with an i5-750 than the i7-875K. The ASUS P7P55D-E Pro is generally considered the best available P55 mobo, as it can CrossFire and has USB 3.0 & SATA 6 Gb/s.
  2. Primary gaming

    SLI: Probably not because i'll be getting a top of the line graphics card in 2 months and by time I would need to upgrade again, i'll be better off buying a whole new card then a 2nd of my old card. but I wouldnt mind getting sli mobo anyhow just in case.

    Budget: Don't really have one, just want the best thats worth buying (in otherwards I dont want the newest cpu that has a 1% performance increase for a 60% price increase)

    Out of curiousity why i5-750 instead of i7-875k?
  3. THG Best Gaming CPUs for the Money, July 2010
    Anandtech head-to-head benchmarks i5-750 & i7-870
    i7-875K vs. i5-750 at HardwareCanucks - didn't make it all the way through, just looked at gaming benchmarks

    Basically, the i7-875K has pretty much the same performance in gaming as the i5-750 for over $100 more.
  4. Actually turns out for the mobo/cpu I have $500, so would you say the same mobo and cpu based on that or something different?
  5. With that budget, the best options for gaming builds are either an i5-750 or an AMD Phenom II X4 955. An AMD build will be about $75 or so cheaper for a build that's got fairly equivalent gaming performance. I wouldn't recommend switching to socket 1366 unless you wanted to burn $600+ and you were going to use it for tasks that can make use of hyperthreading (unlike gaming).

    Are you factoring RAM into this purchase? Socket 1156 requires DDR3.

    i5-750 = $200
    ASUS P7P55D-E Pro = $180

    This G.Skill ECO Series 4 GB kit is a great blend of performance, price, and low voltage at $105.
  6. Well I decided on a video card finally so adding that info. may help. Which is the GeForce GTX 480. The memory I'll buy the one you linked, it looks good. So only 2 questions left I think...

    1.) Will I be making any bottle necks with that memory/video card/cpu/mobo combonation?

    2.) Will my current power supply work? it is a OCZ GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI 600W ATX12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply

    note: besides the items listed here, the only other devices that will be connected to the computer is a dvd-rom/burner, 1 hard drive, a 6000rpm fan, a 2000rpm, and thats it I think... Maybe a cheap sound card if that mobo dont have a onboard sound card (I didnt look yet). I dont care much about sound, I just use a headset anyhow.
  7. 1) No, no real bottlenecks.

    2) According to nVidia, 600W is the minimum you want for 1 480. If you intend to SLI with 480s, SLI Zone is suggesting 950W minimum.
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