Buzzing zzzzz sound from PSU

PSU Cooler Master Real POwer 750w
GC 2 ATI 4850 crossfire
CPU core 2 quad

i have this weird humming sound coming from my PSU whenever i try to play cysis or Grid.the sound cease whenever i close the game.

i have tried another power socket but problem persists.also change the confused as to why the sound only emitted when im gaming?

i have another PSU which emit bzzzzz sound all the time and i can simply solve that by using another power socket.
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  1. It is buzzing because you are putting the system under a greater load when gaming, making the PSU work harder and generate more heat. The PSU's fans are likely cranking at 100% when this is going on and making it noisy. You should be fine.
  2. It sounds to me like the fan and

    Lol well, nevermind. COLGeek got it right. Well said.
  3. Power supplies shouldn't buzz. The fans may whir loudly under load, but PSU's should not buzz.
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