2nd HDD not showing up in my computer, shows up in BIOS

I've just built my new system, main drive an SSD and a 2TB as my second drive. The second drive shows up in the BIOS, but when I boot into windows it doesn't show up in my computer. I have tried switching SATA connector just in case.

How do I solve this?

Thank you!
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  1. either try going into device manager and clicking scan for hardware changes or you can right click on computer hit manage then go to storage----> disk management and then the HDD Should show up in there and all you gotta do is format it and assign a drive letter
  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention I had already tried the scan for hardware changes - nothing (I assume waiting 1 min is long enough).

    I will try the other suggestion as soon as I get back on the new PC!
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