GTS 250 compaible with M2N68-AM plus

It is compatible the graphics card Nvidia GTS 250 1gb DDR3 PCIEx 2.0 with my motherboard Asus M2N68AM PLUS wich has PCIEx x16?Many people that I asked said that GTS250 is compatible with both PCI Express 2.0 and x16(1.1).
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  1. those many people you asked are correct, 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0 x16 slots
  2. Thank you very much!Tomorow I will buy this video card and install it,excuse my poor english.
  3. make sure your power supply is up to task and enjoy, its a very good card!

    your English grammar is better then most of the native English speaking people who post here.
  4. Thanks!I have a cheap 450w PSU(Antler).I hope it will manage the new card,that consumes 150w max.With the integrated video card the system consume 94w at idle and 130-170w peak.I know it"s a cheap PSU but it has over voltage,over power and short-circuit protection,so if it can"t manage the new card i think will not burn any hardware in my computer.Thanks again for your help,I will post after install and testing.
  5. you should upgrade your PSU. Really, A friend of mine burned his GTS 250 by using ''Xtech 500w PSU''.

    here are some cheap ones: (I know this is 380w but is A LOT BETTER than your current PSU, lots more stable, trustable, Antec =P)

    or this 500W version

    If you don't like Antec, here's a Thermaltake one: - TR2 600w
  6. Today i"ve installed a new PSU600w,for the moment I notice a good improvment in noise.This PSU is really silent,now I can"t hear any noise from my case.I ordered the video card and I will have it thursday.Cant"t wait...
  7. Hi everyone!I"ve installed the new card but i can"t play until wednesday when my new PSU comes.I"ve returned the 600W PSU because only had 18A in a single 12V rail.Now I"m waiting for these one: it costs 50€.

    For moment I have a cheap 450W PSU 12V1-14A,12V2-16A.I"m not gonna use games or 3D aplications with this PSU because it"s weak.In idle the whole system with monitor consumes now 135-140w and with 60-70% CPU load 170w.I think the cheap PSU will handle until wednesday(internet,mp3,videos Xvid).With Hd videos consumption reaches 188w.
  8. After almost a month of testings,everything is ok.I can play almost every new 2010 game at high settings at 1920/1080 resolution.So the video card is backward compatible with PCIE x16 1.0 motherboard.
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