Have question about slot(PLEASE HELP)

I will be getting a computer(hp pavilion p6700z) shortly and am wondering if this slot will be filled with something. The slot is a PCI Express x1 and i want to know because a graphic card that i got requires double slots. From what i heard, it is an expansion slot so my guess would be that it would be open, but i just want some conformation from you guys first.

Oh, i also wanted to ask what are theses slot used for anyways?
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  1. What is the graphics card? If this:


    is your pc, then you only have a 250 Watt power supply, so a dual-slot graphics card sounds like it might be too powerful for your system.

    What card is it?
  2. The documentation is poor, but what I could 'see' on page 31 of the manual it seems the PCIe x1 will be covered by your 'something' which I assume to be a GPU.

    See -> {Product Manuals} http://search.hp.com/query.html?lang=en&search=++&qt=Pavilion+p6700z&la=en&cc=us&charset=utf-8
  3. Yes, that is the system and as for the power supply, i am going to replace that as well, 500 watt to be exact. The card by the way is a ati saphire 5670 graphics card.
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