My system does not start after the motherboard logo and dvd writer is not worki

my system does not start after mother board logo and i try to format it but my dvd writer is not working on my computer while this is working (dvd writer ) on another computer.
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  1. If the PC does not start after the BIOS splash screen, it may because your hard drive has no data, or is disconnected or faulty. Unfortunately you have not provided very much information about the nature of the problem. Since you say you see a splash screen, it`s safe to say your components themselves are in good working order, which leaves the computer with the possible problems i listed above. As for your DVD writer, I`m not surprised it works, I don`t see why it wouldn`t. You may not be able to access the drive because it is not set to boot before the hard drive in the BIOS boot order. If you can give us some more information, perhaps we could help you some more.
  2. ...looks like your mobo is having trouble looking for your drive(s)...check that you have both power and data cables connected to your CD reader, also to your hard drive.. if not sure... disconnect all drives and see if the board will post past the splash screen... if it does not..then clear the cmos by closing the jumper and leave it on for twenty minutes before opening the jumper and trying to start the pc again.

    You can also go into the bios and disable the the splash screen and this will give you more post information....good luck
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