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  1. MOBO and CPU, look into the 6 core, it shouldn't be much difference in price and will do some more for you.
    If you need some resources will help you out.
  2. well i was considering the 6 core but i dont like that stock speed and its a hassle installing an aftermarket heatsink/fan to oc
  3. Hmm your tower looks overpriced on a HD 5850 so if fine with non CF set up @ $885AR for tower:

    The CHIV for me is overpriced and a bad fit for your needs given u not an OCer Our very own forums did a 890FX shhot out and it didn't exactly stand out,2640-14.html
  4. i plan on o/cing down the road just not instantly
    i like xfx brand
    i was jumping between coolermaster hafX and the lian li pcp50r i know i want one of those 2
  5. A nice idea but with too many OP parts. an antec 300 is better and muuuuch cheaper. thought the lian li looks admittedly more impressive. your mobo is more powerful than you need unless you plan to add another 2+ pci-e devices. so unless you're gunna crossfire AND fold... dont bother with something so pricey there. shift the ~200 bucks in savings towards maybe 2 5770's or something (i feel too lazy right now to look anything up.

    Also about your periphs: RAzer makes amazing mice, but dont go to them for anything other than mice and pads. i'd reccomend etiher the 3500dpi Deathadder, the Mamba, or if you claw grip or flat grip; the Lachesis (thats what i use).

    If you are an fps /rts guy go for an n52te game pad (make sure to update firmware/software as soon as you can! this will resolve all the issues you might find about it)

    for a keyboard go logitec. if you get the speedpad there's little to no real need for a gaming keyboard (or vice versa)

    if your gunna invest ina gaming headset get a policy on it, the cords break down fast. But i personally recommend going bluetooth for mic needs. a waulity one will give greate sound while leaving you free to talk/listen on the move.
  6. my case needs to look decent example have Some color in it the antec 300 is plain and not what im looking for and not to mention doesn't match my color scheme :)
    the logitech keyboards all look so horrible and i had a g11 keyboard and i smashed it with a hammer the keys were awkward and uncomfortable.
    i do not want/need a game pad as i do media tasks as well as gaming
    and what headset with a policy would u recommend?

    as for the mobo i know its OP but it would also serve me well in the future cause when the new gen games require insane power to run i could just toss another 5850 in there and be done with it
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