Need Thermal Paste for Stock Cooler? (i5 750)


I have an i5 750 on the way and about to put together my first build. I plan to use stock cooling at first, then pickup a good cooler (Hyper 212 or Megahalems I think) in a month or two to overclock. Will I need thermal paste for the stock cooler, or does Intel cover all necessary components?

Also, is it a big deal to use stock cooling and upgrade to Arctic 5 Silver and a cooler later?

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  1. Hi.

    The stock cooler comes with a thermal paste pre-applicate so for the stock cooler u don't need another thermal paste.

    The stock cooler is only good for stock speed systems or while u get the money for a better cooler more if u want OC that is ur idea too.
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    My stock i5-750 temps vs Hyper212+ I bought (Speedfan)

    Stock idle - 32degC Hyper212+ idle - 24degC
    Stock load - 64 degC Hyper212+ load - 44degC

    Stock cooler comes with three strips of paste. Upgrading to a new cooler probably will mean taking the motherboard out of your case to fit a backplate. However, the actual fitting is not too strenuous. Watch a youtube video prior to installing and you will be fine.
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  4. Thanks to you both, both responses answered the question- the second provided some greater depth and led me to reconsider the waiting game possibility a bit.
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