Can't decide

I need some help to chose between HD 5850 and GTX 460 1gb

My specs are :

CPU: I5-750
PSU: Corsair 600@
Curent GPU: ATI 5770 1gb

P.S. Or is better to wait until the HD 6000 series comes out.
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  1. According to some review GTX 460 have a slightly better performance on DirectX 11 games, tessellation, and also have CUDA, and PhysX technology. On another other benchmark, HD 5850 have better performance.

    I think you should be patient until HD 6000 series comes out since your 5770 is also a great DirectX 11 GPU, capable of running any game smoothly in high detail quality, well at least until 6000 series cames out :)
  2. The best approach would be to wait for the HD 6XXX series launch.. Can't wait.! Then get another 5770 in there..
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