Artifactsand lock up

I was playing metro 2033, i used the scope of a weapon and i notice a couple of odd pixels, then i saw some artifacts, lock up and thats all.

SO i figure it out my pc wasnt in the mood of playing games, it was on for about 16 hours doing some renders.

Then i was playing AvP and the same went on.

Thats when i notice i had some problem going on, so i ran a couple of tests with furry cube, at 74°c it crushes my pc i dont make 10 minutes with the demo on.

My system used to be pretty solid, i could do the furry for hours with no problems at all, the folding@home on the GPU was like a breeze, now i cant play for more than 10 minutes, the max temp i was getting was about 84°c.

what do you think is happening?!

PSU is a coolermaster extreme power plus 600
GPU is a ECS 275 GTX black
CPU temps are pretty normal and low.

Ive been reading pretty bad stuff about ECS and my PSU, i tried to underclock my GPU with no improvement, so what do i do now?
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  1. Ok i did the furry cube once again, and right after the artifact going nuts and the lock up the psu fan went rpm crazy... may be related? and once again i reached 74°c and it all went wrong...
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