Phenom II x2 555BE vs Athlon ii x4 640

So microcenter stopped carrying the phenom x2 555 BE, but they have a deal going on right now where you get $40 off a motherboard if you buy an AMD CPU, so I was looking at an athlon ii x4 640 instead. i don't really want to spend the extra $40 to get a phenom ii x4 955 because i'd like to put that extra $40 towards my 5770 GPU. For gaming FFXIV, do you think it's better to spend the $40 to get a phenom x4 with a 5670 or 4850, or stick with the athlon x4 and get a 5770. i would think the gpu would be more important, as the only real difference i see is the L3 cache, but i'm by no means a hardware genius. Any input is appreciated. Thanks -Tyer
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    You're right that a better GPU would offer more gaming performance than a better CPU particularly when we're talking Athlon II X4 vs Phenom II X4. You shouldn't be disappointed at all with the performance of the Athlon II X4. That chip also overclocks fairly well so you can squeeze out even more performance should you need to. Hope this helps!
  2. thanks for the confirmations, i wonder why microcenter stopped carrying the 555 be They had them on their website last week, and it's in their ad, but i called and they told me it's not even in their system anymore.
  3. +1 Athlon II + a little overclock. The Phenom II is only going to stretch its legs with a $400+ GPU setup (in most games).
  4. thanks for the advice, but funny enough i went up there and they ended up having more in stock but they changed the sku number thats why he told me they didnt have any before, so i got a msi 785gm-p45 mobo, 4gb corsair 1333 ram and a few 120mm fans, the 555be unlocked to 4 cores and i've been running stable for 3 days @ 3.4ghz, saving for a 4870 or 5770gpu
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