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Hexacore Xeon questions: Hyperthreading and Enhanced Turbo Boost

So I get to work this morning and there's a brand new workstation sitting next to my desk, still in the box.

It has a Xeon 5680 6-core CPU, and I'm used to AMD Opterons.

I'm wondering if there will be any beneift (or drawback) to turning on hyperthreading and/or the enhanced turbo boost mode. Any links to benchmarks would be welcome. The software I use the most is Autodesk Inventor 2010 and Mastercam X4.
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  1. Sheesh - my company makes me live with a P4 :P. Don't complain too loudly or I'll come steal your new desktop :D.

    Anyway, I'd go to both sofware companies websites and see if you can find out the answers, or else spend a few minutes experimenting and see if either HT or turbo increases your speed.
  2. its extra performance - why not?

    hyperthreading rarely decreases performance
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    Both hyperthreading and turbo mode increase performance in the vast majority of cases - there's no reason to leave them off.
  4. Thanks for the repsonses. The default settings in BIOS were HT off and Turbo-Boost on in standard mode.

    I turned HT on and left left Turbo in standard mode.

    Does anyone know if the "enhanced" Turbo mode is worth using?
  5. Turbo has multiple settings? Typically, it's either off or on, so if there is an additional setting ("Enhanced"), it's probably specific to the motherboard. You could always turn it on and see what happens.
  6. A little further research:
    "The Z800 has two levels of turbo mode, the standard level supplied by Intel, and an enhanced level, developed in-house, which delivers up to 5% additional performance."
  7. Personally, I would try it, ideally with something like CPU-Z running, and see what the CPU does in both standard and advanced mode. It has to be a difference in clock speeds, so you should be able to see what it's doing.
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