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This mobo:

has two 2.0 PCIe slots, one x16 and one x4. How do i know which is which?

Thanks for you help
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  1. You can download the manual off Msi's website. It should have this info.
  2. You can safely assume that the top PCIe x16 slot is the one that has 16 lanes. I haven't seen a board where that wasn't the case.

    Or, you can download the manual.
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    It's standard motherboard design practice to locate the primary, x16 lane, PCI-E slot as close to the CPU as possible. So, in your case it is labeled "PCI-E2". Install you GPU in this slot, then download / install GPU-Z and it will display Bus Interface as "PCI-E x16 @ x16" (for "type of connector" @ "current speed")

    NOW: it's also standard practice to use a Black or White PCI-E connector when the slot is ONLY capable of x8 or x4. So, MAYBE, this MB support x16 in one slot OR the other (I kinda doubt it thou) So, if for some strange reason you have to locate your GPU in the slot farther away from the CPU, you could try it then test in GPU-Z, won't run any thing to try... or, read the manual
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