Problems with PhysX

When im playing any game with PhysX and my GTX 260, i can play normally on 60FPS Mirrors Edge but when i go to some area using PhysX, my FPS come down to 15 or sometimes got freezed. :pfff:

I've downloaded drivers, i tried playing without PhysX and everything's OK, this happens on all the games, not just on Mirrors Edge.

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  1. I wasn't aware that ATI and Physx ran together, Physx is for Nvidea cards I thought
  2. haha yea i forgot to put there my GTX 260... im not using ATi, im using NVIDIA, obviously the GTX 260
  3. Have you checked in the Nvidia control panel to make sure "PhysX GPU acceleration" is enabled? If it's not enabled, the physX is going to be performed on your CPU, and may cause a big slow down.

    It's also been shown that some of the PhysX games (that use GPU accelerated PhysX) still run poorly with PhysX enabled, because the PhysX is stealing power from the rendering.
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