What Motherboard Is In Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower?

I just bought the DELL 230 MiniTower for around $360 total. All I know about the motherboard is that it has the Intel Graphics Chipset. I need to know so I know what kind of video card I might be able to slap into this motherboard without any problems. The Power Supply is a weak 250 watts, so I am not looking for a screaming video card. A $50-$100 video card will suit me just fine (I need to play World of Warcraft online and perhaps Call of Duty 4. Nothing else that would demand a screaming video card.
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  1. Cpu-z is a free download that may tell you what brand and chipset your dell has. Most video cards won't work with the 250w power supply. I suggest a 450-550w by antec or corsair. Newegg had a 400w antec for $25 after rebate two days ago in their email promos.
  2. Thanks about the advice of getting a more powerful power supply. However, I just want to stick with the DELL original equipment and just do an easy slapping in of a video card without having to go around removing a power supply and moving around wires. I read that some very decent video cards can live off a 250 watt power supply. I need only a decent video card. I don't need some $100-$500 video card which usually sucks up lots of energy to deliver their powerful graphics rendering. A $50-$80 video card will do me just fine.

  3. Newegg has an MSI N440GT-MD1GM3/LP for around $80 shipped. Comes with a free newegg cap; be sure to get the free shipping option. Newegg also has a corsair 430w builder's series power supply for $19.99 after rebate. It has 28 amps on the 12v rail and the pci-e connector to the video card you may need, which your Dell ps may not have. Check it out.
  4. Again, this would require me to spend another $100. I don't want to spend a single penny more than what I already gave DELL for their system other than what I need to spend for a new video card!

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